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Milford Protecta Net



Convenient Multi Purpose Storage


Universal Fit


Suits Most Vehicles including Sedans


Helps Everything Stay In Place


Free Fitting Kit Included

The Milford Protecta Net is designed to be used as a universal storage device for lightweight items

carried in all vehicles.


The large size and high elasticity of the Protecta Net allows a multitude of convenient, multipurpose storage options.

It may be configured in a number of different ways:

Vertical Net / Partition

Horizontal Boot Floor Net

Longitudinal Pocket

Transverse Pocket

700mm x 1300mm

700mm x 1300mm

350mm x 1300mm

700mm x 650mm


CAUTION: Heavy, sharp-edged or fragile items must not be transported in the luggage net. The Net is only

designed for the holding of light items during normal type of driving. If you wish to adequately secure the luggage

or load in the case of an accident we recommend the addition of a Milford Cargo Barrier. Take care not to

damage brake pipes, electrical wiring, fuel tank and fuel pipes when drilling. Milford assumes no liability for

damage caused by non-compliance or a third party.



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