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Introducing the Milford Safety Net

Most people aren’t aware of the deadly safety hazards that lurk inside their vehicle.  4WD, Sports Utility and Cross-Over vehicles continue to increase in popularity and yet they all feature an open interior where passengers actually share the same space as potential projectiles in the storage area.  Driving with unrestrained loads in these vehicles can be one of the most dangerous activities that anyone can do. Flying objects can be hurled forward with unbelievable force – force enough to maim and kill a vehicle’s occupants, yet amazingly, most people still carry every day loads in these vehicles with no protection at all.  Milford, as the global leader in the understanding of what it takes to prevent loads from entering the passenger compartment of a vehicle, has become increasingly concerned about this fact. Famous for their world beating Milford Cargo Barrier, they have now focused on providing an interior restraint solution for the more lightly loaded vehicle. After extensive research and development they are at last able to offer a new dimension in occupant safety – the Milford Safety Net.

Technically Superior

Milford looked at the demands of the driving public and recognized that the Australian Standards Cargo Barrier, while still a mandatory requirement where heavy loads are carried or where the highest level of protection is necessary, does not always meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyles [1]. They needed a new form of load restraint.  In searching the globe for materials that might make this a reality, Milford engineers discovered a technically superior, high strength, flexible, textile net that offered great promise. When combined with a high strength vinyl perimeter and suitably re-enforced, this net provided the combination of load restraint capability and improved aesthetics that they had been looking for.


For ease of use, their engineers turned to Milford’s own proven ‘Quick Release’ mounting system [2] combined with a clever, self-ejecting top rail mechanism. The result is a light weight product that blends well with the interior of modern vehicles.  It may be fitted to a wide range of vehicles where ease of use and interior aesthetics are considered just as important as load restraint.  We believe that a Milford Safety Net provides the best possible safety solution, this side of a traditional Milford Cargo Barrier, available worldwide.  Benchmarked against the United Nation’s Standard [3] for vehicle load restraint, this design is in many ways superior to products found in some luxury imported vehicles.

A Lifestyle Choice

When not in use, the Milford Safety Net can be stowed away in its own convenient storage bag, even though we recommend that it stay in place permanently.  Being a safety product, it needs to be initially installed by a qualified Milford installer, or someone experienced and capable of drilling a vehicle.  We understand that vehicles are changed more often these days, and so each Milford Safety Net can be fitted to a range of similar

sized models, meaning that if desired, it may be ‘taken with you’, at the cost of installation. [4] The Milford Safety Net is today’s lifestyle choice for active, safety conscious, vehicle owners.  Stay healthy and safe. Insure yourself by installing one today!







  Vehicle Application Net Assembly Fit Kit Price Code
  Ford Escape 755055 107201 EB
  Hyundai Santa Fe 755055 709526 EB
  Mazda Tribute 755055 107201 EB
  Mitsubishi Montero Sport 755050 305715 EB
  Mitsubishi Outlander 755050 305726 EB
  Nissan X Trail (Canada) 755050 405601 EB
  Toyota Highlander 755055 608801 EB
  Toyota Prado 755100 608751 EC
  Toyota Rav 4 755050 608601 EB



NB: One complete Net Assembly & one complete Fitting Kit is required to complete each vehicle installation.  These are ordered and invoiced as separate items.



Contact us:- E-mail: sales@loadbarrier.com  Call: (414) 350-4275


For fleet use or where a high level of protection is required and available, we always recommend the use of a AS/NZS4034 rated Milford Cargo Barrier.


Due to technical limitations, some vehicle applications may feature an alternative, Milbolt mounting system.


The UN Standard for seat and load restraint is ECE R17, which requires that a 10kg mass be withheld by a partitioning screen in a frontal collision equivalent to 48k/ph. This compares to the world leading Australian Standard at 60kg at 48 k/ph.


Milford recommends that you seek advice as to the fit and function of your Safety Net, as no guarantee can be made that your model will fit another vehicle.


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